Comparing Top ITAM Solutions

Choosing an ITAM software can be challenging and confusing, especially when the choice is between so many platforms. We intend to make it easier for you by comparing top asset management systems with each other. Drawing detailed features comparison we will highlight the strengths and drawbacks of each platform, for you to make an accurate deduction. We will help you choose an ITAM solution best suited for your needs.

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What You Need in an ITAM Software?

Every organization has specific asset management objectives for seamless operations and maximizing asset utilization. Let’s take a look at the basic ITAM features your team needs for asset management.

Asset Assignment

Quick check-in/out and returns, automated past-due reminders, fine issuance and tracking, along with up-to-date data on device and personnel, enforces accountability. It increases asset visibility across the IT estate.

Asset Lifecycle Management

ITAM software streamlines asset lifecycle management by tracking and managing asset utilization from procurement to disposal. It facilitates better asset visibility, reporting, and forecasting with optimized historical data.

Help Desk

Cant imagine an ITAM software without Help Desk! Users need a prompt support system integrated with the software for fast issue resolution if they ever encounter a glitch while using the platform.

Custom Fields

Look for an ITAM software that allows configuring the data fields to capture unique information on each device, including specifications, location, purchase and insurance data, etc., for precise categorization of assets.

Data Imports

It is essential for ITAM software to enable real-time asset data imports using multiple sources, like SSO, Directory Sync, Custom CSV, Web hooks, and preferably other third party IT system integrations.


Asset identification is easier via barcoding in a large fleet. An ITAM software with barcode generation and scanning features enable admins to create custom asset labels, print, tag assets, and find those easily.

Compliance Tracking

Organizations have certain regulatory compliances related to device and software usage. The right ITAM enables compliance tracking using historical records to reinforce government, insurance, & warranty requirements.

Maintenance Management

When is the device maintenance due? How many months till the software license gets renewed? Asset management systems with predictive/preventive maintenance and features like maintenance tracking and scheduling.

Role-based Controls

Role-based control and access of an ITAM platform is essential to ensure security of system used by several individuals across multiple departments. It limits user access to tools, reports, groups, etc., based on job roles.

Funding Source Tracking

ITAM software with the ability to track the source of funds for asset procurement allows businesses to uphold compliance with grant or budgetary requirements. It enables better financial-decision making and cost-savings.

System Integrations

Third-party IT system integration with ITAM software creates a collaborative ecosystem where organizations can simplify asset management by connecting it with other critical tasks for operational ease.

Notifications and Webhooks

ITAM software is backed with notifications and webhooks streamlines pending actions by giving users a heads up through email or notifications when actions are due.

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Do you have feature comparisons of AssetRemix with other top Asset Management systems?

Yes of course,
we have AssetRemix comparisons with other ITAM alternatives. Check out the detailed feature comparison of AssetRemix Alternatives & choose the best for your organisation.

Does AssetRemix cater to K-12 School Districts only?

AssetRemix is an integrated ITAM solution, designed for all types of organisations, including School Districts, Construction, Technology, etc.

Does AssetRemix offer free trial?

Yes, AssetRemix offers free trial allowing you to manage up to 49 devices.

Does AssetRemix offer flexible pricing?

We are upfront and transparent about our pricing. Other than free trial, we offer flexible options where you have to pay only for the number of devices managed through the platform. The charges for Help Desk features and Enterprise Add-ons are reasonable as well.

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