Why should you use asset tracking software? Here are 8 reasons

When it comes to tracking all of your IT assets, having asset tracking software could save you a huge amount of time and make it simpler to run things at your job. This because apparent if you and your team are constantly looking for lost or broken items.

Decrease Maintenance Cost

When you are using dedicated asset tracking software, you are able to cut the amount of money that you spend on maintenance by using proactive asset tracking. This means that you will be able to schedule maintenance of your devices in advance because you will be able to see when the last service was. This helps you get ahead which helps improve your device's reliability and uptime.

Stop Asset Theft

How many times do you have people who leave the company walk off with items because you are not able to clearly see what all they have? Having a system where you are able to see exactly what each person has checked out to them is very important to help with device theft in your company.

Accurate Asset Information

Tracking your assets gives you the knowledge about your company's asset. This real-time data will help you make informed decisions about what you need to procure, and how you should use them. Make sure that you include information such as expiration dates, ownership, service dates, purchase cost, and any additional documentation you might want.

Save Your Money

Having the information available to know what you currently have in inventory, helps you make the best possible decisions on purchasing while reducing waste. If you tie this in with an accurate maintenance schedule, then you are able to significantly reduce the overhead and excess expenses that you had been occurring.

Increase your Efficiency and Utilization of Assets

Make sure that you can get the most of all your devices by having accurate scheduling and short wait times. This will help you to understand how you use the assets you have, and if anything is being under utilized. Being able to pull up this information will help to optimize your scheduling of assets, while improving the satisfaction of all employees by reducing their time waiting on what they need.

Make Audits Simpler

Every year most companies have some sort of audit. Having an asset tracking system will help ease the process of these audits and help you avoid any discrepancies you might have in taxes and maintenance fees. Having a streamlines and more efficient way to perform these audits will help reduce the risk of compliance issues and tax liabilities.

Improve Customer Service

When you reduce the time that employees have to wait for devices, and the downtime associated with maintenance, you will also be improving the experience the people you serve have.

Reduce Wasted Time

If you have a well thought out asset tracking process in place, you will be improving the efficiency of everyone who works for you. This will be due to the amount of time that they do not have to wait for assets to become available, or to be repaired. Having the reports that you need in combination with your asset tracking system help your tech team finish asset audits much faster, which it allow them to have more time to work on devices that need repaired. This will also help your team to follow the preventive maintenance schedule you have to help keep the assets you have operational.

If you are looking for an asset tracking system, use AssetRemix and track up to 50 devices for free.

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