Meet Our Leadership Team

Lundin Matthews

Co-Founder & CEO

Lundin started off his career teaching and coaching. During his time in Magnolia he found himself in the role of the Programming Teacher at the jr. high school. It was here that he found his passion in IT. Seeing the students growth and excitement made him want to learn more about this content so that he could further their knowledge and education.

After his time in Magnolia, Lundin became a Technology Educational Coach in Waller. Working with programs that were not customizable enough and vendors who were unresponsive frustrated him. Lundin decided then to start working on Chromebook Getter. Once realizing what he could continue to do outside of the school building itself, Lundin synced up with Justin and formed AdminRemix in late 2019.

Justin Warsitz

Co-Founder & CMO

Passions shift, but Justin’s love of servitude for youth has not. Justin changed his major from engineering to education after being asked to tutor underprivileged kids, while graduating from the University of Houston.

After graduation, Justin returned to his home town to teach for Magnolia ISD with multiple roles over the years but always with some focus on technology. It was during this time that Justin started looking into ways he could help solve some of the issues that he was encountering from being in charge of all boys` athletics technology on his campus.

To this day, Justin is striving to continue to come up with solutions to help educational technology departments improve their capabilities so that they are able to help all the students in their district obtain the best education possible. He is continuously talking to our over 300 clients to see what issues they are facing and how AdminRemix LLC can help them solve these problems.