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With so many asset management solutions available these days, it can be overwhelming to choose the software that fulfills your ITAM requirements. Want to know what’s best for your organization? AssetRemix presents a series of features comparison and analysis to help you make the right choice.

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Complete ITAM Solutions by AssetRemix

Before directing you to the comparisons, here’s a brief preview of what AssetRemix has to offer. AssetRemix is a fully integrated cloud-based asset management solution with a host of features and functionalities, designed to help organizations with asset tracking and management. It assists IT admins with asset lifecycle and inventory management, including maintenance, historical record-keeping, and help desk management.

Honest & Upfront Pricing

We offer upfront and flexible pricing. Our trial version allows you to manage up to 50 devices, after which you pay based on the number of assets added to AssetRemix, starting from $19.99 only. Enterprise Add-ons and Help Desk are reasonably charged too.

Appeals to All Industries

The features and capabilities of AssetRemix appeals to major industries, from K-12 schools to construction companies. We ensure platform scalability by updating and adding new features to meet the evolving needs of every sector.

Third-party Integrations

AssetRemix has integrations with top IT systems like Zapier, Lansweeper, JAMF, Google, etc. Using these integrations, users can automate their workflows, seamlessly import/export data, and streamline their ITAM goals.

Help Desk Email Ticketing System

AssetRemix simplifies admin support with Help Desk Email Ticketing system. The users can generate support requests via Helpdesk Tickets or email, which automatically get assigned to an agent for resolution.

Configurable Workspace

Citing the differing requirements of organizations, AssetRemix enables users to configure their workspace based on specific ITAM goals. From asset categorization to reporting on different operations, configurability is a primary attribute.

Custom Barcode Generation

Barcodes help with scanning and identification of assets in a fleet. AssetRemix enables the creation and generation of custom barcodes, using a variety of templates. Print your own barcodes and track your assets with ease.

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