Our Story

AdminRemix LLC was officially formed in March of 2019. The idea of forming a company and creating software that would benefit school districts came about after months of talking about various issues that the founders faced in the technology side of the school districts they had worked for. It was during this time the idea for the company’s first product Chromebook Getter was born. Chromebook Getter creates a way for school district IT administrators to quickly edit the metadata associated with their fleets of Chromebooks in bulk and multiplies technology staff productivity. After continuously taking user feedback, Chromebook Getter has evolved to where it is today.

In October 2020 the team began discussing an asset management and auditing solution that would streamline technology staffs and their ability to manage their inventory effectively. With this in mind Koushik Seal joined the team becoming the first full time developer in January 2021.

With the team growing and months of hard work past, our asset management system is out of beta testing with much praise. Users have been pleased with the ease of use, simple UI, and full featured tooling of the asset management system. AdminRemix LLC is poised to continue to build and grow products and services that allow educational technology teams to streamline, simplify, and amplify the actions they perform on a daily basis.