How AssetRemix Works! 💪

AssetRemix is more than just an inventory management tool — it’s a better way to work. Teams that switch to AssetRemix are more productive and better organized. They communicate better and are always on top of their fixed assets. Here’s how AssetRemix makes it happen.

All the tools your team needs for inventory management. 🗜

Asset assignment

Foster accountability by assigning assets to users, job locations and more with ease.

Check-out and returns

Streamline asset deployment with quick check-in/out, past-due reminders and data updates.

Compliance management

Leverage historical records to ensure regulatory compliance (warranty, insurance, government etc.).

Full asset lifecycle

Enhanced asset visibility, reporting, and usage projections from procurement to disposal.

Funding source tracking

Track and manage data on funding sources to uphold grant requirements for future funding.

Action-based forms

Fast collection of asset data in a few clicks with customized check-in/out forms and checklists.

Asset listing view

Better visibility of asset data with the preferred details you choose and easily apply filters.

Notifications & Webhooks

Notify users via email or webhook notifications when actions are performed or pending.

Custom fields

Record asset details using multiple custom data fields defining diverse attributes of each item.

User specific views

Gives an uncluttered view of only asset data, actions, and fields as per user's role.

Sortable columns

Sort through massive sets of asset data in a few clicks to track information easily.

Built-in search

Easy access to asset records and fast identification via text-search or barcode scanning.

Mobile friendly interface

Get access to the system wherever you are from the device you're already using.

Data import

Seamless data imports of asset details like, categories, locations, etc., via multiple sources.

Unlimited users

Manage every asset user in your organization with a unified system for better ITAM.

SSO login

Allow users to sign-in to the platform using SSO provider of preference.

Real time directory sync

Easily sync with preferred directory to import and delete user accounts in real time.

Role based user security

Limit user access to tools, groups, reports and more based on their job.

Customizable Directory Sync

Create, update, delete users and groups in real-time with custom directory sync.

Custom Department Sync

Create, update, and delete groups based on specific departments for enhanced user visibility.


Group multiple assets as a single unit with a unique barcode for deployment or otherwise.

Typewise Asset Bundling

Create asset bundles based on their categories for easy identification.

Outbound Webhooks

Export data faster and in real-time with outbound webhooks.

Generate Barcodes

Generate and print custom asset labels or tags as barcodes for asset tagging and scanning.

Help Desk Enabled

Prompt support by IT agents for fast resolution of IT glitches with Help Desk.

Email Ticketing System

Generate tickets for support queries and requests faster via unique workspace email id.

Ticket Tracking

Track ticket status throughout issue resolution and communicate with agents via comments.

Related Tickets

Traceback and refer to related tickets of similar issues resolved previously by agents.

Fine Management

Issue, track and close fines generated against lost or damaged assets for better accountability.

Role based user access

Protect asset data by limiting user access to groups, reports and more based on their roles.

Data Merge

Merge asset data under a uniform category to prevent duplication of information.

GCP Hosting

Cloud based hosting with GCP global network.

256-bit SSL encryption

Enhanced protection of user data with SSL encryption of the highest level.

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