Construction Asset Management Software

AssetRemix is an integrated ITAM to make asset management easier & efficient for construction companies.

Construction Asset Tracking Software

AssetRemix allows lifecycle management of IT assets for construction industry. It's an integrated construction IT asset management software that manages asset data, ensuring teams are work-ready.

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Challenges of Construction IT Asset management

Offering solutions to the problems construction IT asset managers face on a daily basis. AssetRemix streamlines asset management workflows.

Manual asset management is time-consuming

Fragmented asset management techniques fall short of the demanding needs of a modern IT asset management process, and cause time-consuming delays with higher risk of errors for a growing fleet of devices.

Out of service assets increase expenses

Fractured visibility of asset warranty and maintenance schedules leads to workflow disruption, causing significant loss of time, money, and resources.

Data gaps cause asset deployment issues

IT devices offer the necessary tech support to on-site personnel. However, gaps in asset data lead to incorrect or delayed deployment of IT equipment disrupting collaboration and communication at a construction site.

Poor visibility of IT asset lifecycle

Not knowing how many assets are in circulation, or who has checked devices in and out disrupts asset tracking, asset deployment & hinders asset lifecycle management

Scattered asset tracking causes loss of IT equipment

Inaccurate management of the asset location often leads to lost or misplaced IT assets on construction sites. Up-to-date tracking of asset data helps hold everyone accountable.

Effective Solution to Your Construction Asset Management Problems.

Easy Check-in/Check-out of Assets

AssetRemix streamlines asset deployment for construction companies with fast check-in & check-out.

Bulk deployment:

Barcode scanner saves time and enables bulk deployment of devices.

Custom reports:

Generate custom reports on asset allotment to personnel for accountability.

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Complete Asset Visibility

A centralised inventory of Asset Remix helps maintain updated records and tracks asset data in one place.

Asset control:

Improved asset visibility prevents misplacement or theft of IT equipment.

Asset lifecycle management:

Track the asset throughout its lifecycle, from procurement to expiration.

Schedule Asset Maintenance

Regular maintenance of IT assets to avoid delay or workflow disruption on the construction site.

Maintenance tracking:

Track and manage expiration of warranties, licenses, and other maintenance details.

Maximise asset utilisation:

Regular asset maintenance maximizes asset utilization reducing downtime.

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