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An amazing tool that streamlines work flows & process when it comes to Chromebook data management.

Freemium, with no credit card required.

Why you're not getting the most out of the Google Admin Console.

The problems Chromebook Getter solves.

Limited search parameters.

Chromebook Getter unlocks a simple UI that allows full search capabilities.

No bulk annotated fields editing.

Chromebook Getter uses the power of Google Sheets to allow full bulk annotated field editing of your Chromebook data.

No way to move large number of devices.

Chromebook Getter allows moving Chromebook devices across multiple organizational units in bulk.

Inability to report on OS versions

Chromebook Getter provides fast to generate reports. That let you know what OS version your devices are running across multiple organizational units.

Inability to report AUE dates.

Chromebook Getter provides reporting on your fleets AUE dates allowing you to make quick decisions when looking to refresh your fleet.

Unable to search activity history

Chromebook Getter unlocks and allows for searching of your activity history in mass.

Some Customer Testimonials

Our customers our saving time and ditching clucking command line tools

4 / 5

This fills a huge hole, THANK YOU.

A User of Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix
4.5 / 5

Loved this extension as a replacement to chromebookInventory.

Kristopher Phillips
5 / 5

This will work as a replacement for chromebookinventory.

A User of Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix
5 / 5

I work in the technology department. A huge part of my job is Chromebooks & google. We are so happy we found Getter! This is the best tool to help you manage Chromebooks all in one place. The people at Getter are incredible people to work with. Their knowledge & response time is spot on! It is a pleasure to work with such a friendly & patient group of people. I highly recommend them!

Lorene Cowan - Technology Office Manager
4.5 / 5

Just starting using it. The "Get Chromebooks" action worked great. I even was able use the "Set Chromebooks" action.

Technology Administrator
5 / 5

This app does what chromebook inventory used to do. Its a good replacement since chromebook inventory no longer works

A User of Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix
4 / 5

Love the app

Robert Stanley
5 / 5

I love it

Jacob Cox
5 / 5


Mike Harrington

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⬇️ Unlimited DownloadsThis includes Chromebook Getter & User Getter.
⬆️ Unlimited UploadsFree accounts are limited to 500 uploads across both Chromebook Getter & User Getter per month per domain.
🔓 Unlock All Columns
🔎 Basic Filters
🤖 Upload Service Worker
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