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About 🏫

Malakoff Independent School District

Malakoff ISD is a public school district in Malakoff, Texas. The independent school district serves Star Harbor, the majority of Tool and Caney City, along with a few selective areas of Athens, Log Cabin, and Trinidad. As of 2022, they are teaching more than 1500+ students in Pre-K through 12 grades, with a teacher-student ratio of 13:1.

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Challenges 😰

Arrington Douglas joined Malakoff Independent School District as an IT technician in 2018. Since then, he has been offering end-to-end IT support including asset management and help desk ticket resolution to students, teachers, and administrators across 6 campuses.
When he started his position, the district was yet to become one-to-one. It was easier for Arrington’s team to manage the devices with Google Admin and alternative asset management solutions.
However, once Malakoff initiated the one-to-one model, tracking and managing their extensive fleet of Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets became a challenge.

Recording the volume of information for each Chromebook, and tracking it was more complicated than library books. They needed a system that would offer an end-to-end solution to Chromebook inventory management.

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Tracking the deployed devices through the students was next to impossible. Also, if anyone broke a device, there was no central database for managing that information to issue fines. Since the overall system was so fragmented, it slowed down help desk ticket resolution as well.

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It was becoming increasingly difficult for the IT team at Malakoff to gain control over their assets. That’s when they started searching for a complete asset management system.

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Solution ✅

After getting a demo with the AssetRemix team, Malakoff ISD came on board and results were instant.

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They are saving significant time, previously lost in manual asset management practices.

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AssetRemix Support 🙋

AssetRemix has succeeded in bringing order to the chaos, allowing Arrington’s team to prioritise the tickets, once generated and take appropriate action.

The ability to maintain detailed asset information via custom fields and historical record-keeping have been beneficial for Malakoff ISD.

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Final Thoughts 🤗

AssetRemix has reformed and streamlined asset tracking, help desk management, data management, check-in/outs, maintenance and other crucial ITAM processes.

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