Snipe-IT vs AssetTiger - What’s Best for ITAM?

Snipe-IT vs AssetTiger, confused what will help fulfill your IT asset management goals? Both platforms are widely used by all kinds of organizations, each offering a suite of features to simplify ITAM. This comparison between Snipe-IT and AssetTiger will help you make the right choice.

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Features Comparison

Check out the features and functionalities of Snipe-IT and AssetTiger seeing how they compare with each other and AssetRemix as well.

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Snipe-IT Overview

Snipe-IT is a web-based free open-source software (FOSS), designed to help organizations with asset management. It enables IT departments to track assets and related information, like who has the devices, when a device was purchased to calculate depreciation, and the availability of software licenses, accessories, etc.

Key Features of the Platform

Asset Management

A centralized view of all asset activity through a user-friendly Admin dashboard allows Snipe-IT users to have control over the asset estate. Other features include, one-click check-in/check-out, asset assignment, easy auditing, asset import/export, etc.      

License Management

Snipe-IT users can easily track their license renewals, warranties and expiration. They can set email alerts to notify personnel about license expiration. It enables organizations to abide by the regulatory compliances.  

Email Notifications

Snipe-IT has built-in email notifications for users involving asset check-in/check-out, asset acceptance, and check-in deadline. Admins get email alerts on expected check-ins, low inventory reports, and license expiration.  


Snipe-IT allows users to integrate with multiple web systems using REST API. New open source SDKs are constantly generated by the community for simpler integrations. The platform allows integrations with JAMF, InQRy, etc. 

AssetTiger Overview

AssetTiger is a cloud-based ITAM software that helps organizations to streamline key asset management processes like asset tracking, check-in/out, license management, barcode scanning, maintenance scheduling, and more. Admins regulate platform access by user via controls and permissions.

Key Features of the Platform

Custom Reporting

AssetTiger enables custom reporting of assets including details about asset status, depreciation, check-in/out, maintenance, etc. Multiple customization options help users to build reports based on their specific ITAM reporting goals.

Barcode Scanning

The platform’s mobile barcode scanning feature enables asset identification and tracking, and internal audits. Users can easily update asset information by scanning the barcode followed by data entry. It keeps organizations in control of their assets.

Maintenance Scheduling

AssetTiger streamlines preventive maintenance of assets. Users can establish a routine for regular maintenance of devices and set up schedules for the same. Additionally, system admins can generate detailed maintenance history of assets.  

Check-in/Check-out Details

The asset management platform ensures faster check-in/out of devices. IT admins can track asset movement throughout the organization via detailed recording of check-in/out information, check-out due date, personnel information and more.  

AssetRemix as a Great Alternative for Asset Management

This Snipe-IT vs AssetTiger comparison aims to help you find the best ITAM solutions that will simplify your day-to-day work and maximize asset utilization. If you are looking for something more, a viable Snipe-IT or AssetTiger alternative, check out all that AssetRemix has to offer. For detailed analysis, check out the comparisons on AssetRemix vs Snipe-IT and AssetTiger vs AssetRemix.

Key Feaures of AssetRemix

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management

AssetRemix gives you a complete outlook of your asset management objectives. It helps you track every movement of an asset, starting from procurement and maintenance to disposal. Historical reporting enables accurate data updates, giving users a magnified view of their asset lifecycle. This improves asset utilization and drives better ROI.     

Help Desk & Email Ticketing System

AssetRemix’s Help Desk feature comes with an integrated email ticketing system. Users can either use the Help Desk module or their email to generate support queries and requests, which turn into a ticket. The ticket is then assigned to an agent for resolution. Users can track their ticket status, communicate with the agents & generate custom reports. 

Free Custom Barcode Generation

While most platforms offer barcode scanning, AssetRemix allows users to generate barcodes, free of cost. You can customize the dimensions of the barcode label and generate it for printing. Barcode generation and scanning on one platform gives you a one-stop solution for identifying assets, saving time and effort.  

Flexible Pricing

Unlike most platforms, AssetRemix is honest, upfront and transparent about its prices. You can start with the free trial version, which will allow you to manage up to 50 devices. After that the price is determined by the number of assets added to the platform. The enterprise addons and help desk features are reasonable as well.    

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Our customers are seeing their team save time & money using AssetRemix for their asset management.

5 / 5

What I appreciate the most about team AssetRemix is that they look for the problems, even the minute ones, and are ready to make necessary adjustments for our benefit. The system is responsive and efficient, but above all, it is cost-effective.

Jim Beasley - Llano ISD
5 / 5

Yes it's working great. I like how you guys are quick to implement feedback and bug fixes, that's not something I see often from devs. Overall AssetRemix has made my life a lot easier, it has turned our slothful device rollouts into a quick and seamless process.

Arrington Douglas - Malakoff ISD
5 / 5

It allows us to check and update the whereabouts of our fleet. We can pull the Chromebook data, and see if any of the devices are missing or if a device needs to be replaced. The inventory takes less time and we can retrieve data instantly.

Pauline McGinnis - Kipp Indy Public Schools

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