Custom Asset Tags or Barcode Generator

Simplify asset tagging and scanning with AssetRemix. Generate and print custom asset tags as barcodes to label your devices and use the built-in barcode scanner to scan and locate assets across the network.

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Significance of Asset Tagging in Asset Management

Asset tagging is the starting point of asset management. It is crucial for proper identification, management, and tracking of physical assets for organizations big & small.

Manual Asset-Tracking Takes Time

It’s time-consuming to track moveable assets across multiple sites, especially for a growing fleet of devices. This causes operational delays and backlogs in asset deployment.

Difficulty in Compliance & Audit

Organizations have regulatory compliance requirements that require the accurate tracking and management of assets. Without asset tagging, it can be difficult to comply with these requirements, leading to fines and legal issues.

Loss & Theft Incurs Inventory Losses

The inability to track who is using an asset and asset locations leads to organizational theft, loss of devices, and increased expenses.


Check out devices to users at lightning speed with a handheld scanner. Scan the barcode of the device to be deployed to fetch asset data and select the user for easy and fast check-out .


Select the assets for tagging, set the size and add any custom text. Print the asset tags as barcodes or even JPEG images. No need to re-tag assets as AssetRemix can read barcodes from other applications.


AssetRemix ITAM software can scan devices, accessory items, assets and more. With the built-in scanner it is easy to import and read assets, even the ones with pre-existing tags.

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Generate & Print Custom Barcode Labels

How to Generate Barcodes with AssetRemix

AssetRemix allows custom asset tag generation in a few simple steps for organizations to tag and scan assets easily.

Choose the Assets

Start by choosing the assets for generating custom barcodes. Open the Asset Management dashboard and scroll down to Assets.

Locate and select the assets synced to AssetRemix ITAM platform for tag creation, and select Generate Barcode.

Custom asset tag generator.gif
barcode generator.gif

Select Layout Settings

AssetRemix’s custom barcode generator comes with multiple Layout Settings.

Select the preferred layout, add border (enable Toggle Borders) and hit Apply to get the desired barcode ready for print and asset tagging.

Customize Asset Tags

Find the additional Customization options below Layout Settings and personalize the asset tags.

Choose from paper width, format, column count, and box height to finalize the custom barcode layout. Now, hit Apply and get the barcodes printed to start tagging and scanning assets.

Generate Custom Barcode.gif

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