Incident IQ vs Frontline Education

Confused about choosing the right software for K12 asset management? School districts with a growing IT fleet need a robust ITAM solution to track and manage devices. This detailed comparison of Incident IQ vs Frontline Education will give you clarity on choosing the right software, not to mention what AssetRemix has to offer.


Features Comparison

AssetRemixIncident IQFrontline Education
Free Trial
Device Deployment
Asset Lifecycle Management
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking
Audit Management
Maintenance Management
Free Barcode Generation
Barcode Scanning
Custom Reporting
Track Funding Sources
Custom Fields
License Management
Compliance Management
Historical Reporting
Help Desk Enabled
Email Ticketing System
Third Party Integrations
IT Asset Discovery
Directory Sync

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Incident IQ Overview

Incident IQ offers a robust asset management software tailored for K12 schools. With centralized tracking, IT staff can manage devices throughout their lifecycle. Incident IQ's solution empowers educational institutions to streamline operations, enhance resource utilization, and provide a seamless learning experience.

Key Features of the Platform

Asset Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management tools enhances asset visibility across the school district. It streamlines lifecycle tracking with updated records on asset ownership, location, and other essential data.

Device Deployment

Incident IQ simplifies device deployment to students and staff with quick check-in/out, updating relevant information simultaneously, followed by device storage and location tracking using advanced tools.

Asset Reporting

IT admins can generate detailed asset reports in seconds with multiple data points to record and highlight all necessary details. Filtered search is enabled to make the process of tracking reports easier for users.

Audit Management

Incident IQ comes with a suite of robust features to make audits simple via automated device verification and workflows. It enables IT admins to create and manage audit policies based on their regulations.

Frontline Education Overview

Frontline Education is a comprehensive asset management software enabling K-12 schools to track and manage technology resources efficiently. The user-friendly interface streamlines asset organization and simplifies inventory management. From procurement to disposal, it optimizes resource utilization, enhancing productivity.

Key Features of the Platform

Device Distribution

Frontline Education has designed it’s device deployment functions to streamline the 1:1 distribution model. Seamless check-in and check-out, email notifications, and digital signatures increase accountability and reduce loss of devices.

Maintenance Tracking

With Frontline Education IT admins can track and manage asset maintenance, ensuring all assets are always in working condition, even in storage for fast and hassle-free deployment whenever needed.

Help Desk Management

Frontline Education has a robust help desk system with a host of features and functionalities that offer prompt support to students and staff solving their issues fast. Admins can derive important insights from detailed reports

Lifecycle Tracking

Frontline Education optimizes asset utilization by tracking and managing device lifecycle, and maintaining updated records from procurement till disposal. This helps in better financial decision-making and smoother audits.

AssetRemix to Streamline Asset Management

Incident IQ and Frontline Education come packed with features that are designed to simplify asset management for K-12 schools. So why should one choose AssetRemix? Let’s explore the functionalities that make AssetRemix a better ITAM alternative. You can also check out the detailed analysis of AssetRemix vs Incident IQ and AssetRemix vs Frontline Education

Unique Features of Our Platform

Real-time Data Imports

AssetRemix allows real-time data import via multiple sources like custom CSV, directory sync, and third-party IT system integrations. Moreover, you can customize import data during directory sync by removing or deleting users as per need.

Email Ticketing System

In addition to a robust Help Desk support, AssetRemix empowers users with an email ticketing system. You can generate support tickets via email or through the help desk dashboard. Once the ticket is assigned to an agent you can collaborate via comments and track the progress till resolution.

Free Trial & Upfront Cost

Unlike both the above platforms, AssetRemix offers free trial. It gives you a chance to try the platform and manage up to 49 devices before you start paying for more devices. The prices are honest and upfront, as we charge based on the number of devices managed through the platform.

Honest & Upfront Pricing! 🏷

Unlike competitors, we only charge you for the number of assets in our system, saving you money.

Just A Few Customer Testimonials 🤗

Our customers are seeing their team save time & money using AssetRemix for their asset management.

5 / 5

What I appreciate the most about team AssetRemix is that they look for the problems, even the minute ones, and are ready to make necessary adjustments for our benefit. The system is responsive and efficient, but above all, it is cost-effective.

Jim Beasley - Llano ISD
5 / 5

Yes it's working great. I like how you guys are quick to implement feedback and bug fixes, that's not something I see often from devs. Overall AssetRemix has made my life a lot easier, it has turned our slothful device rollouts into a quick and seamless process.

Arrington Douglas - Malakoff ISD
5 / 5

It allows us to check and update the whereabouts of our fleet. We can pull the Chromebook data, and see if any of the devices are missing or if a device needs to be replaced. The inventory takes less time and we can retrieve data instantly.

Pauline McGinnis - Kipp Indy Public Schools

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