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Our software suite is built to surprise and engage your team, making what was your most complex tasks simple.

Chromebook Getter

The best Google Sheets add-on tool for the job when editing and building reports on your Chromebook meta data in bulk. Learn More.

Asset Remix

Streamline your IT asset management and manage your IT process with best in class software. Learn More.

User Getter

An amazing Google Sheets add-on allowing the unlocking of your user meta data and management in bulk. Learn More.

The AdminRemix Promise

You deal with hundreds of vendor, and they all promise you the moon. Wonder how we're different?

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I love Chromebook Getter, it is super helpful.

Linette Koranda - Remington USD

AdminRemix have filled a huge hole with Chromebook Getter that is better than the original.

Sarah S. - A Chromebook Getter User

I signed up for Chromebook Getter because it’s faster than getting what I need with GAM command lines.

Philip Helmers - SWBOCES LHRIC