What is Zero-Touch Enrollment

For school districts, enrolling large amounts of Chromebooks has been a difficult challenge. However, there is a new ability that has surfaced. Zero-Touch Enrollment. We will talk about the benefits of this, and how it works. The first thing that you need to know is that the model of Chromebooks that you own has to be designated for his kind of enrollment. Some current manufacturers that support Zero-Touch enrollment are Acer, CTL, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung.

How do you use Zero-Touch Enrollment?

When you want to use Zero-Touch Enrollment, the first thing that you need to do is create a pre-provisioning token in your admin console. When you create these tokens, they are associated with a certain OU and they can be revoked when you need them. These tokens will consist of a string of 30 Alphanumeric characters. To generate the tokens for Zero-Touch Enrollment, follow the following steps:

1. Log in to your Admin Console.

2. Select Devices>Chrome>Devices.

3. Select an OU(top or sub) in accordance with where the devices will be placed once enrolled.

4. Click Enroll devices.

Once you have done this, a token will be generated that you can copy and share with the company or person who does all the pre-provisioning for your domain. Tokens are associated with a specific OU, so if you want to associate devices with different OU's then you can select the different OU and generate the token the same way.

As we continue to discuss this, you might be thinking that this seems a lot like a White Glove service, and it is. This allows the people who pre-provision devices for you to quickly and easily associated devices to an OU. How does this benefit your district? If you hired an outside company to do the pre-provisioning for you, this helps them keep things organized when enrolling all of your new devices.

When White Glove services enroll your devices, they check for any dead devices. They can also repack your devices into easy-to-handle bulk packaging. This can save your district a lot of time. However, with Zero-Touch Enrollment, the need to have to unpack these devices and run these checks will not happen. You can also eliminate the need for them to perform asset ID tagging and laser engraving.

One additional thing to consider is that with Zero-Touch Enrollment, your devices will not be aware of the WiFi configurations in your admin console. These devices will have to be manually connected after they have been delivered. This is normally done for you with White Glove services before they ship them to you.

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