Chromebook Getter Complete Guide

Powered by Google App Script, the add-on runs locally in the user's browser and communicates directly with Google servers. This results in a smooth, streamlined app that keeps data privacy concerns at its core.

The Installation Process

How to install Chromebook Getter

Getting Chromebooks

The Get Chromebooks functionality is a core way that you will interact with Chromebook Getter. By using this function you will have the option to get a single organizational unit or an organizational unit and all its child organizational units.

Setting Chromebooks

The Set Chromebooks Meta Data functionality is the only way you will update Chromebook data. By using this function, you will have the option to update the data of every Chromebook on the current Google sheet.

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Premium Chromebook Getter Features

Manage Organizational Units

The manage organizational units feature allows users to create and delete organizational units from inside Chromebook Getter. We know the feeling of needing to create a new organizational unit only to have to wait for the Admin console to load up.

Enrollment Date Filter

The enrollment date search feature allows you to only pull Chromebooks from your organization that have been enrolled between a specified time frame. This feature will allow you to only pull in the devices you need from a organizational unit saving you time when editing your device meta data.

Multiple Filter Requests

There are many times when you would want to filter the data your pulling down from admin console. This features makes it possible to filter devices by enrollment date and device status. This allows you to only pull down the Chromebooks that fit your criteria.

Batch Retrieval Mode

There are times when you want to pull a list of devices from a list that could be in multiple organizational units. Using the batch retrieval system you can now copy and paste or scan (using a hand scanner) in a list of asset tags or serial numbers and pull those devices down from the admin console.

Action History

This new premium Action History report is great for when you are trying to remember if you really did set that Chromebook data back to google admin console or when your trying to explain to the school board just how much time it takes to wrangle in your Chromebooks. This new tab sheet is created and managed by default for all premium users, allowing you to keep a log of who updated your Chromebooks and when.

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