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About 🏫

Llano Independent School District

Llano Independent School District is a public school district in Llano, Texas. Recognized as a top-rated school district by the Texas Education Agency, Llano ISD has approximately 1900 K-12 students, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1.


Challenges 😰

Jim Beasley, Technology Director at Llano Independent School District, has been working for 17 years in educational technology. It has been more than 8 years since the district started its Chromebook initiative, deploying devices to the students. Initially Jim and his team used their library management system to maintain the Chromebooks inventory.

Recording the volume of information for each Chromebook, and tracking it was more complicated than library books. They needed a system that would offer an end-to-end solution to Chromebook inventory management.

Challenges faced by Llano ISD

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Search for an Asset Management System 🧑🏻‍💻

Jim was looking for a system that would meet his asset management requirements and be economically reasonable.

Another deciding factor was the system provider’s prior experience with schools and the education sector.

Jim had previously heard about AssetRemix, and since we fit the criteria, he reached out to us for our asset management system.

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Solution ✅

After switching to AssetRemix, Jim and his team experienced a significant improvement in their workflow.

AssetRemix has helped his team to record and track information about-
• Users who are checking Chromebooks in and out
• Status of Chromebooks
• Location of devices

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It’s easy to record the device information and who is assigned to the devices. Data about the allocation and movement, once entered into the system can be tracked by anyone with access. The system allows the users to organize miscellaneous information, including details about suppliers, licenses, warranties, age of the device, etc. Additionally, the reporting abilities of AssetRemix help Jim and his team supervise the overall management of Chromebooks across the district.

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Our Support 🙋

Initially Jim & Llano ISD were concerned about the onboarding process, but when the process was complete he said,

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Final Thoughts 🤗

Llano ISD appreciates the incredible support they have received from AssetRemix and would gladly recommend it to others searching for solutions to their asset management challenges.

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