IT Asset Management Questions

Why should I track my assets?

Staying on top of your assets saves you time and money. It's harder to lose or misplace assets when your system tracks every asset's history and exact location. There's a huge opportunity cost to finding your lost assets. Without a system in place, you lose productivity, along the way.

What are the key parts of a asset management program?

A quality ITAM uses a two-pronged approach to manage your belongings. First, the program needs to be easy to provide quality information about your assets. AssetRemix lets you include as much information as you need about your assets, and update at a moment's notice by any user with permission in real time. Second, a proper asset management program has quality reporting. AssetRemix's reporting shows you an assets life from acquisition to disposal, and everything in-between with finical, locational and status of your asset throughout its life.

How many users can access my workspace?

There's no limit. Unlike many other asset tracking services, AssetRemix doesn't limit the number of people who can use your account. We also don't limit the number of simultaneous users.

Is there a limit to the number of reports I can generate?

No, you can run all of our reports as frequently as you like, along with any other custom reports you create.

What are the system requirements for AssetRemix?

Any computer or tablet that can connect to the internet is compatible with the program. Similarly, Android and Apple smartphones run the application without error.

Can I import or export CSV files?

AssetRemix allows you to import your lists of assets and export any number of lists, including your reports.

What happens when I run out of space for assets in my account?

AssetRemix will not run out of space like other systems. We use the power of the cloud to give you the perfect amount of space.

Is AssetRemix PCI compliant?

Yes! Our payment system is PCI DSS compliant.

What kind of assets do you track with AssetRemix?

AssetRemix can be used to track any type of fixed assets, and we have clients who track items such as tools, equipment, parts, phones, computers, other IT assets, office furniture, leases, inventory, etc...

Does AssetRemix Support SSO?

We sure do, we can support Okta, Azure, Google, OneLogin, Ping Identity, ADFS, VM Ware, SAML, OpenID plus we are adding more daily. If your provider is not on the list reach out and we can work to add it.

Does AssetRemix Sync With My Directory?

AssetRemix can sync in real time with directory of choice. This includes Workday, bamboo HR, Google, Azure, Okta, SCIM 1.1, SCIM 2.0, Gusto, Rippling and more...

We need help with implementation, can AssetRemix help there?

A team of any size can always reach out and request help with implementation and a dedicated team of experts will work with you.

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