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KIPP Indy Public Schools

KIPP Indy Public Schools educate 1500 students in grades K-12 in the Martindale-Brightwood community of Indianapolis. It belongs to a non-profit network of college-preparatory public charter schools, educating around 120,000 students in 280 schools across the country. Founded in 2004, the KIPP Indy Public Schools comprises KIPP Indy Unite Elementary, KIPP Indy College Prep Middle, and KIPP Indy Legacy High.

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Challenges 😰

Pauline McGinnis is the Associate Director of Technology at KIPP Indy Public Schools and has been associated with the institution for more than 6 years. Her job involves providing IT support with specializations in Chromebook repair and management.

With an active Chromebook program, one of the foremost challenges that Pauline and her team faced was keeping track of the fleet, like accumulating the asset IDs and information in one place. Updating records related to the devices, such as user information, location, etc., had become daunting, making the process of Chromebook management error-prone and time-consuming.

We were losing control of our devices and couldn’t locate them. As the fleet grew, it was becoming increasingly hard to maintain records of devices that were either out of commission or needed repair.png

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Solution ✅

Pauline and her team were looking for a system/tool that would allow them to improve their Chromebook management in just a few clicks. That’s when they found Chromebook Getter by AdminRemix, a tool to streamline workflows and processes involving Chromebook metadata management. Once KIPP Indy started using Chromebook Getter, the improvements were significant.

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Chromebook getter

Chromebook Getter streamlines:

Bulk syncing of Chromebook metadata with Google Admin

Managing Chromebook data through multiple custom fields

Quick search of annotated devices through multiple filters

Managing organizational units

Raising query about devices by date of enrollment

Generating reports on Chromebook data updates

Final Thoughts🤗

Chromebook Getter has simplified Chromebook data management for Pauline McGinnis and her team at KIPP Indy Public Schools, and they are quite content with the agility the tool has offered to their workflow.

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