AssetRemix vs Asset Essentials Comparison

Using Asset Essentials to optimize your maintenance workflow? With the right Asset Essentials alternative, you can fulfil all your ITAM needs including preventive maintenance of devices. Check out the AssetRemix vs Asset Essentials comparison to understand what more you can accomplish through our platform.

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Comparing AssetRemix with Asset Essentials

A point-by-point comparison between AssetRemix and Asset Essentials by Brightly Software.

AssetRemixAsset Essentials
Free Trial Version
Asset Lifecycle Management
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking
License Management
Compliance Management
Maintenance Management
Preventive Maintenance
Procurement Management
Historical Reporting
Custom Report Building
Custom Fields
Barcode Generation
Barcode Scanning
Location Tracking
Fast Check-in/out
Asset Assignment
Data Imports
Help Desk Email Ticketing
Third-Party Integrations

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What Makes AssetRemix Better than Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials by Brightly Software is primarily a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with ITAM capabilities, designed for K-12 schools and enterprises. AssetRemix, on the contrary, has a more inclusive approach towards asset management, evident from its features.

Faster Check-in/out

Asset Remix streamlines asset deployment with quick check-in/outs (individual and bulk), maintaining relevant data about device, personnel, location, etc. This feature is a great help to K-12 schools assigning devices to students and staff.

Asset Assignment

Unlike Asset Essentials, AssetRemix enables seamless assignment of devices to individuals, locations, etc. to ensure increased accountability. The organization has absolute control over its assets owing to improved visibility and regular updates to related data.

Custom Fields

Organizations with large fleets often struggle with arranging the data under multiple categories. AssetRemix offers custom fields, with the option to add secondary fields for proper categorisation of different assets and data management.

Barcode Generation & Scanning

Alongside barcode scanning, AssetRemix enables free barcode generation. The users can generate barcodes for assets in preferred size and shape using custom templates. It simplifies scanning, classifying, and logging of assets.

Procurement Management

Unlike Brightly Asset Essentials, which can track only supplier information, AssetRemix streamlines the overall procurement management. It uses funding source tracking and similar actions to uphold budgetary compliances for asset sourcing.

Custom Report Building

From asset assignment to disposal and even Help Desk support, AssetRemix allows custom reporting of all critical actions executed on the platform. The insights gathered from these reports are instrumental in making data-driven decisions.

AssetRemix for Complete Asset Management

Flexibility in Pricing

Our prices are honest, upfront and flexible. We allow free trial to users who are trying to understand how the platform works. You can manage up to fifty devices using free trial. After that the more assets you add to your workspace the price increases accordingly. We charge a nominal amount for Help Desk email ticketing system and enterprise add-ons.

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Centralized Asset Management

AssetRemix brings all essential asset management features and functionalities within a centralized system. You can update procurement details, import asset data, generate and scan barcodes, assign assets, schedule maintenance, and manage the entire asset lifecycle in a few clicks. It saves you significant time and resources lost in manual fragmented processes.

Third-Party Integrations

AssetRemix has third-party integrations with top-notch systems like Google, Zapier, JAMF, Lansweeper, etc. It expedites multi-platform collaboration enabling faster import/export of data, workflow automation, and more, thus improving your IT infrastructure.

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Our customers are seeing their team save time & money using AssetRemix for their asset management.

5 / 5

What I appreciate the most about team AssetRemix is that they look for the problems, even the minute ones, and are ready to make necessary adjustments for our benefit. The system is responsive and efficient, but above all, it is cost-effective.

Jim Beasley - Llano ISD
5 / 5

Yes it's working great. I like how you guys are quick to implement feedback and bug fixes, that's not something I see often from devs. Overall AssetRemix has made my life a lot easier, it has turned our slothful device rollouts into a quick and seamless process.

Arrington Douglas - Malakoff ISD
5 / 5

It allows us to check and update the whereabouts of our fleet. We can pull the Chromebook data, and see if any of the devices are missing or if a device needs to be replaced. The inventory takes less time and we can retrieve data instantly.

Pauline McGinnis - Kipp Indy Public Schools

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