AssetRemix vs Destiny Resource Manager

Initially designed as a library management system, Destiny has upgraded as an asset management solution, specifically for K-12 schools. But does it really fulfil all your ITAM needs? Here’s a complete AssetRemix vs Follett Destiny Resource Manager comparison to help you understand what makes our platform a more functional Follett Destiny Resource Manager alternative.

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AssetRemix Comparison with Destiny Resource Manager

A point-by-point comparison of AssetRemix vs Follett Destiny Resource Manager

AssetRemixFollett Destiny Resource Manager
Free Trial
Asset Management
License Management
Compliance Tracking
Audit Tracking
Consumables Management
Maintenance Management
Procurement Management
Inventory Tracking
Custom Report Builder
Historical Reporting
Quick Check-in/out
Free Barcode Generation
Barcode Scanning
Web Hook Notifications
API Access
IT Asset DiscoveryAssetRemix can do realtime IT Asset Discovery through Lansweeper Integration.
Help Desk EnabledAssetRemix comes with an email ticketing Helpdesk System.
SSO Login
Directory Sync
Data Import*Destiny can import data from its Follett Destiny Library Manager tool. AssetRemix Imports Data through CSV files, third-party integration, etc. various sources.

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AssetRemix as an Alternative to Destiny Resource Manager

Compared to Follett Destiny Resource Manager, AssetRemix has a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities that fulfills your varied ITAM needs. Let’s take a closer look at all the key functionalities that make AssetRemix a better Follett Destiny Resource Manager Alternative.

Lifecycle Management

With AssetRemix, system admins can track and manage every minute inventory detail, from procurement to disposal of assets, including maintenance. Such end-to-end visibility of asset history enhances utilization of all devices throughout its lifecycle.

Email Ticketing System

Unlike Follett Destiny Resource Manager, AssetRemix’s Help Desk has an email ticketing system. It allows users to generate support tickets in Help Desk & as well as through emails. Once assigned to the agents, users can track ticket status and leave comments.

Free Trial Version

Compared to Follett Destiny Resource Manager, AssetRemix provides free trials to clients. After registration, users can manage up to 50 devices, which they can increase at any time and pay only for the number of additional assets synced with the software.

Maintenance Scheduling

Ability to track and schedule device maintenance is as essential as managing the assets. AssetRemix’s maintenance scheduling feature ensures all assets undergo periodic maintenance to keep the devices in working condition.

Real-Time Data Imports

AssetRemix facilitates real-time data imports from multiple sources, such as custom CSV, Directory Sync, and third-party system integrations. That way, system admins can save significant time lost in manual entry of inventory data and likewise.

Funding Source Tracking

AssetRemix allows system admins to uphold compliance with grant or budget requirements when procuring devices. Updated data on funding sources can prevent the misappropriation of funds and ensure better financial decision-making.

Why Choose AssetRemix as Your ITAM Software

Seamless User Experience

AssetRemix’s intuitive interface promises ease of use and high functionality with minimum learning time. You can customize the dashboard as per your requirement to deploy devices, update asset information, access historical data, schedule maintenance, etc. Complete your asset management tasks in just a few clicks.

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Custom Report Building

Reporting is essential for gathering insights on asset and funds utilization. AssetRemix allows you to view, access, and organize asset data to build custom reports on every crucial aspect of ITAM, including Help Desk support. It enhances visibility of asset data, improving asset lifecycle management.

Multi-Industry ITAM Solution

The use of AssetRemix is not restricted to a single industry. Besides K-12 schools, the software addresses and streamlines the asset management needs of enterprises across all leading sectors, finding difficulty in managing their growing fleet of assets. The platform is constantly scaling adding new and more advanced features to simplify ITAM for all.

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Fair & Upfront Pricing

Unlike other platforms, AssetRemix is honest, fair, and upfront about the pricing structure. You can manage up to 50 devices for free just to try out the platform. There are no hidden charges for Demo or consultations. You can avail Help Desk assistance and other enterprise add-ons at reasonable prices.

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Just A Few Customer Testimonials 🤗

Our customers are seeing their team save time & money using AssetRemix for their asset management.

5 / 5

What I appreciate the most about team AssetRemix is that they look for the problems, even the minute ones, and are ready to make necessary adjustments for our benefit. The system is responsive and efficient, but above all, it is cost-effective.

Jim Beasley - Llano ISD
5 / 5

Yes it's working great. I like how you guys are quick to implement feedback and bug fixes, that's not something I see often from devs. Overall AssetRemix has made my life a lot easier, it has turned our slothful device rollouts into a quick and seamless process.

Arrington Douglas - Malakoff ISD
5 / 5

It allows us to check and update the whereabouts of our fleet. We can pull the Chromebook data, and see if any of the devices are missing or if a device needs to be replaced. The inventory takes less time and we can retrieve data instantly.

Pauline McGinnis - Kipp Indy Public Schools

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