Why Choose AssetRemix Over AssetTiger?

Searching for an AssetTiger alternative? Presenting a point-by-point take on AssetRemix vs AssetTiger. Discover all the unique features that make AssetRemix a great ITAM solution for your organization.

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AssetRemix VS AssetTiger

The Complete Table of Features Comparison

AssetRemixAsset Tiger
Free Tier
Asset Management
License Management
Consumables Management
Disposal Management
Asset Tracking
Maintenance Management
Unlimited Users
Custom Report BuilderAsset Tiger report builder lacks complete functionality and limits you to basic reports.
CSV Exports
Quick Check-in & Check-out
Free Barcode GenarationOne needs to buy asset tags while using AssetTiger.
Email Alerts
Web hook Notifications
API Access
Help Desk EnabledIncluded in the AssetRemix Enterprise plan or as a stand alone feature.
SSO LoginIncluded in the AssetRemix Enterprise plan, but is optional. Feature is not listed with Asset Tiger
Directory SyncIncluded in the AssetRemix Enterprise plan, but is optional. Feature is not listed with Asset Tiger
Data Migration ServicesIncluded in the AssetRemix Enterprise plan, but is optional. Feature is not listed with Asset Tiger

An All in One ITAM Solution

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AssetRemix as AssetTiger Alternative

At a glance, AssetRemix by AdminRemix and AssetTiger by MyAssetTag might seem identical to many. Both are cloud-based ITAM solutions, enabling seamless management of asset inventory for organizations. But if you look closer, the differences in their features, functionality, ease of use, and overall value become clear. Here's why you should consider AssetRemix as an AssetTiger alternative.

Faster Data Imports

AssetRemix enables fast and secure real-time data imports using custom CSV, webhooks, SSO & directory sync, and via third-party system integrations. In comparison, AssetTiger can import data only through CSV file access.


AssetRemix offers a configurable dashboard. The user can add, remove, or modify fields to improve asset and data tracking. AssetTiger has basic configurability making it difficult for admins to customize and manage the dashboard and workflows.

Help Desk

Unlike AssetTiger, AssetRemix has add-on features like the Help Desk. It is an integrated problem-solving module, using which clients can access support easily by generating a ticket.

Custom Metadata

AssetRemix has custom metadata, allowing users to add anything they want as an asset. Any tracking information can be updated and modified using the unlimited data fields unlike the fixed data fields offered by AssetTiger.

Better Security

AssetRemix’s SSO & Directory Sync feature allows admins to manage login access. Any unwanted user can be removed by the admin. Other security features include multi-factor authentication and force logout on exit from the browser.

Custom Reports

AssetRemix’s custom reporting feature allows full access to the ITAM data, enabling the admin to view and organize asset data and generate custom reports easily. AssetTiger is limited by its fixed reports feature.

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Why Choose AssetRemix for IT Asset Management

Our top four reasons to choose AssetRemx for your IT asset management & help desk solution. 🤯

Ease of Use

AssetRemix has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to import data, check in/out assets, and customize the dashboard as per need and preference. It promises fast learning and high functionality. You can easily scan and track asset data, so no hours are spent searching. The platform is scalable, meaning it offers you adequate support as your asset estate grows with time.

No More Cookie Cutter Reports

AssetRemix unlocks full access to your ITAM data, allowing you to move on from manual reporting practices. View and organize your asset data like never before with fully customizable data access. You can use the custom reporting features to present the data in the way you seem fit.

Enterprise-Ready Features

AssetRemix has a suite of enterprise-ready features like webhook notifications, API access, third-party integrations, and Help Desk designed keeping in mind the industry-specific problems that organizations face when managing and updating the asset inventory. It allows you to stay in full control of your data.

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Complete ITAM Solution

AssetRemix was designed for asset management and not for selling asset tags, which is one of the core attributes of AssetTiger. For a sizable fleet, you have to buy the asset tags from AssetTiger to reap the platform benefits. AssetRemix does not require you to buy asset tags as it is included within our ITAM solution.

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