Importance of Asset Maintenance Management in ITAM

Asset Maintenance Management

Does your asset management software help you with preventive and predictive maintenance? Asset management involves an assortment of actions ensuring your assets are in best condition and utilized to the fullest potential till the end of the life cycle. You cannot accomplish that goal without a system in place for asset maintenance management. How does it impact your ITAM efforts? Let’s explore. 

Understanding Asset Maintenance Management

Asset maintenance management combines both preventive and predictive maintenance. Preventive maintenance aims at preventing unexpected failures. It’s the kind of upkeep that happens on a schedule like clockwork, like cleaning, repairs, parts replacement, software updates, etc. 

Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, is done to forecast asset failures by studying the data on asset utilization and performance. Both are equally important for your asset management objectives. 

Benefits of Asset Maintenance Management for Organizations

There’s a lot you can benefit from asset maintenance management

  • Regular scheduling and completion of maintenance increases asset uptime. Accurate analytics derived from maintenance data can prevent further damage to the equipment, as you are always on time to take appropriate action. 
  • Preventive maintenance reduces unplanned breakdowns. You can take action through repairs and replacements. 
  • Periodical upkeep ensures optimal asset performance throughout its lifecycle, meaning you always have working assets in your fleet. With a functional asset maintenance management system in place, you can improve availability of assets for your workforce.   
  • Since, maintenance management brings down the failure rate of devices, you save a lot in unplanned repairs. 
  • Prolonged asset lifecycle helps reduce disposal frequency and ensuing procurement costs. A device runs longer than expected, saving you millions. 
  • There is minimized risk for people working with equipment and machinery that are regularly maintained. Also, it helps organizations to stay compliant to the safety codes, software and license regulations, etc. 
  • It also allows you to identify assets in critical condition that have reached the verge of disposal. 

If you want to extend the life cycle of your assets you cannot ignore the advantages of asset maintenance management. 

ITAM Software for Managing Asset Maintenance   

Using excel sheets to track the maintenance schedule of your assets and sending emails as notifications to concerned personnel, does not make sense for organizations handling large fleets of devices. It is time consuming and prone to expensive errors. That’s why it’s important that your ITAM software comes with maintenance management capabilities like maintenance scheduling, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, alerts and notifications, custom reports and analytics, etc. 

Your ITAM system is a centralized platform for importing, analysing, and updating relevant asset data, including maintenance details. The data offers you significant insight to improve your maintenance efforts, which impacts your overall lifecycle management. The idea is to streamline preventive maintenance rather than losing money in reactive maintenance of assets. 

AdminRemix’s ITAM software, AssetRemix checks on all the right boxes for maintenance management. Schedule a call for expert consultation or sign-up for a free trial to see for yourself, what it can do in improving the performance of your assets.     

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