Benefits of IT asset management your company needs to know

Benefits of IT asset management your company needs to know

IT Asset Management, or ITAM, is the practice of monitoring all of an entity's technology assets. This will help create visibility of these assets, while also enabling the entity to better define the ROI on their assets. To learn more about ROI check out this article. Keeping track of all of this information will also help IT departments to better understand what assets need to be updated/upgraded or retired altogether. 


Companies can struggle or fail in their efforts to manage their IT fleets effectively. Due to this, it is important to always look for more effective and efficient methods to include new technological processes and elements.


What are the Benefits of ITAM?


Improves Security


ITAM solutions give you the ability to have an active view of all the IT assets that are managed by an organization at any time. Having this capability will allow the user to fully monitor, update, improve, and maintain any data connected to their IT fleet. This helps to reduce the risk to the data. Employees also have the ability to have the access that is needed for them specifically through the use of required permissions. 


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost


Using an ITAM system allows a company to increase its knowledge of its IT asset fleet. This allows them to know how and why their employees are using the assets that they need for their jobs. Having an ITAM system that has an integrated help desk to track maintenance will help improve this information collected and allow your system to be streamlined even more. It will also give the company the ability to see the cost of operating all assets from purchase to the retirement of the asset. 


Increase in Agility


Another benefit of using an ITAM system is that you are able to view the data of your fleet over an extended period of time. Having the knowledge will help the decision-making process for operational and strategic decisions. Having something that can provide additional information to make the decision-making process in a company more effective is of vital importance. 


Supports changes to business  


Every business is continually changing and evolving. The technology that you use, and the way that you use it can provide for better efficiency while working. Having an ITAM system that can be easily modified helps you to make changes with minimal fuss. This means that you will be able to adjust to any new project or changes. This will help your team make a minimal amount of movements as they manage the inventory. 


Automated Tracking and Discovery


The smoother that your business runs, the more profits that it is able to make. Using ITAM will help to create a database of your IT inventory and limit the amount of human error that can occur in the system. Your team is also able to quickly and easily correct any inconsistencies. 


Additional Benefits of ITAM


  1. Keep data safe and reduce security risks

  2. Protect assets with security policies

  3. Improve Productivity

  4. Minimize cost

  5. Improve customer service and employee access

  6. Improve business financial performance

  7. Use technology to propel business

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