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It has been a busy time of the year for both you and us. For you, with the school year in full swing, you are now catching the full brunt of all of the students and staff using your district’s assets on a regular basis. For us, we have been updating and improving our systems. Check out some of the things we have been working on, and some additional information to help you manage your fleet.


Knowledge Base for Asset Management and Help Desk


We have recently released the ability to create a Knowledge Base of your documents inside out our asset management system. This will allow you to filter and search for all documents that pertain to your search parameters. Check out the images below, or go to our documentation page to learn more. 


1 - Uploading a File

Click on the "upload" button, drop your file, or select your file from your computer.

2 - After You Upload Your File

  1. You will be prompted to select the type of document you’ve uploaded.


  1. You may also add tags to help your team search for this file. * It is very important that you click the green "Add To Index" button if you would like this documentation to be searchable.

  1. You can either continue to upload documents, delete the current document, or choose to save the one you are working on.


  1. Once you save or upload more documents, Knowledge Base will start to scan your current document. During this process, our technology is looking for attributes and text that will help your team's search process run smoothly.

Email-to-ticket hash tag Language


Included in our Help Desk, is a way to set up the ability to send emails to your helpdesk and have tickets created. Along with this, we included the ability for help desk agents to create tickets on a person’s behalf and assign specific information to the email. This allows for the assigning of tickets to help desk agents and more. Here is a look at the capabilities of the hashtag language. 


  1. Use #user: followed by the email of the owner that you want to assign the help desk ticket to. #user: can not be used in comments of help desk ticket. This is only valid for the creation of new tickets.

E.g #user:some.email@domain.com

  1. Use #admin: followed by the email of the admin user to whom you would like to assign the help desk ticket. This can also be used when commenting on help desk tickets.

E.g. #admin:some.email@domain.com

  1. Use #status: followed by either the full or partial name of the status that you would like to have the help desk ticket set to. This does need to be a status that has already been created inside of your workspace. This is also able to be used when commenting on help desk tickets. 

E.g #status:closed or #status:progress

  1. Use #type: followed by the type of the item that you want to select when you are creating or commenting on a help desk ticket.

E.g #type:asset or #type:accessory

  1. Use #item: followed by the asset tag or asset name to select the item that you want to assign the help desk ticket. This can also be used when commenting on tickets. When using special characters, any character other than the dash sign-in is treated as the end of the value.

E.g #item:123-abc or #item:JohnsChromebook

When using either #type: or #item: you need to use both tags. 

If an agent is assigned to a help desk ticket through the hashtag language, then the ticket assignment rules do not apply, except for the emailAll rule. 

Here is an example of what a complete ticket should look like.

Hello, the teacher #user:firstname.lastname@domain.com just informed me that the checked-out #item:printer-999 of #type:asset has been damaged somehow. #admin:firstname.lastname@domain.com, please evaluate and send the item for repair. Thanks.

Live, active Documentation


We have been working hard to improve the overall documentation of all of our products. By going to this page, you are able to see a detailed walkthrough of everything that our systems are capable of doing. Click here to see more.


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