Bulk disable or re-enable Chromebooks

Bulk disable or re-enable Chromebooks

What does it mean to when a Chromebook is disabled?

When a Chromebook has been disabled any user who attempts to use that device will see a custom message that you have set letting them know that the device they are attempting to use is disabled. Its also import to note that you must have forced re-enrollment configured to ensure disabled devices function as expected. Currently this is a Premium Chromebook Getter feature only.

Disabling devices

To disable devices, you can load devices from the entire domain, and then filter for the devices you want disabled. Or if you have the serial numbers you can load the devices from the batch loader and work with only the devices your looking to disable.

  • Once the devices are loaded, click the bulk options in the sidebar menu and then Disable menu.
  • Select the disable option
  • Click the blue "DISABLE" button to update the devices.

Re-enabling devices

This feature works the same as above except you will select the re-enable option.