AssetRemix December 2021 Release Notes

2021 has been a huge blur for the AssetRemix team, with the beta release, getting the application into users hands and seeing how our software is changing process for organizations across the country.

We took time in December to rest and recharge like many of the teams we support and got a few features and bug fixes out the door as well, here is what we shipped.

Faster Checkout Page

When checking out items, the checkout page has gotten slower over time for large accounts. We took some time to rethink how the data was being returned and made some strides to speed this page up on the initial page load. While we know there will be even more improvement on this page need and will be made over time, we know this is a small step in the right direction.

More Reports & Funding Reports

With the release of funding sources last month we know many of you asked for Funding Reports, and we are excited to release those updates to you. With now even more ways to group and sort your data you will always be able to stay on top of whats going on.

New Loading Icon

An amazing new loading icon that our developers were excited to share is now released into the wild!

Learn Button

The learn button in the bottom of every page now launches videos about that page and allows you to learn more about the inner workings of each page. We are excited to get this out and think it will be a great way to dive into the details of each feature we offer.

More Bug Fixes

As with any software product you will always find bugs and this month for AssetRemix was no different, we squashed 10 bugs that will stabilize and speed up the application for you.

We also took many days off to relax and recharge, we are excited for some major updates in the next few weeks.

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