August 2023 Newsletter

August 2023 Newsletter

It is that time of year again. Kids are back in school, and things get a little bit hectic around schools. Here are a few things from us here at AdminRemix to help you out during this time of year. 


Make sure keyboards are working on your devices


With staff and students back in schools, your devices are getting used more frequently. This means more wear and tear on the devices that your technology staff just spent the summer getting ready for the instructional year.


Using a keyboard tester will allow you to make sure that all of the keyboards on your devices are working correctly. 


To read more about how keyboard testers can help improve your workflow, check out this article.



What advantages does using barcodes have for managing your assets?


When implementing and using an asset management system, using barcodes in conjunction with the system helps to streamline your workflow process.

Using barcodes with your asset management system will help you to ensure accuracy with your asset. This will allow you to quickly scan the unique identifier of your asset without having to type or write the number down. 


In addition to being more accurate, being able to scan barcodes when checking assets in or out, or while just updating the information on the asset, will help save your team time in a busy. With the increase in accuracy, you will also see a decrease in the amount of time that has to be spent on tasks inside of your asset management system. This will in turn save your department money, as less time has to be spent on this task, and your team will be more accurately able to manage your fleet. This will help ensure that your department is not making unnecessary purchases, and keeping the assets you have up-to-date and functioning at the highest level. 



Chromebook resources to help out your teachers.


 Now that students are back in classrooms, teachers have to find new ways to keep them engaged with the lessons that are being taught. Most districts also want teachers to use as much technology in their classrooms as possible in conjunction with their lessons. Here are some resources that could help your teachers out. 


To help your teachers with support, and a little extra training, your teachers are able to go to sites such as Google for Education and G-Suite for Education. These will help them with any questions they might have about how to use Google products that your school has available to them with their account. In addition to their Google account, the next most prevalent area that teachers have access to is Chromebooks. With how important these are to most school district's technology plans, have your teachers check out the Chromebook Classroom


The Elementary age is becoming one of the most focused on using technology in the classroom. My wife teaches second grade, and I hear her all the time looking for new things she can use. Sites such as Brain Pop, ABCya, and Math Playground are some really good resources for your Elementary school teachers to use. These are great ways to let your students have a break from instructional-based teaching and still learn while having a little bit of fun.


To round things up, here is a link to a list of Chrome Apps and Extensions our team here at AdminRemix has put together. We hope everyone has a great start to the school year!


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